We are
Rounded Studio.

Creative at heart, we’re a boutique agency with a fresh approach to digital. We partner with brands, businesses and individuals to create bespoke and innovative solutions to support the launch of products, projects and campaigns creatively and effectively. We thrive on a challenge, contribute honest and purposeful solutions and combine technology with big ideas to make a meaningful impact.



  • Custom Development

    Off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter software can be restrictive and complicated, and rarely ticks all the boxes. A tailored solution specific to your unique requirements is not the scary and expensive beast you might think it is.

    Custom Development offers the freedom and flexibility to create exactly what you want, how you want it, covering all bases and resolving all of your touch points. We can guide, collaborate and create Custom Development bespoke to your brief across websites, automations and everything in between. And we have tonnes of happy customers who can attest to its success.

  • Integrations

    Often a supporting role, we have vast experience with integrations across many industries, using acronyms like API, JSON, XML, oh my!

  • Creative technologies

    From digital booking platforms to onsite interactive displays, we conceptualise, create and support a huge array of unique functional services to enhance the efficiency and profitability of your project and business.

    Our team will delve deep to understand your user journey or digital gap and will propose effective and relevant solutions to achieve your desired intent. Super simple or extra tricky – we’ve got it sorted.

  • Consulting

    Working with you as a trusted partner, we provide honest guidance and direct advice whether you’re seeking to improve existing solutions, platforms or campaign delivery, or have a new idea or strategy you’d like to workshop into fruition.

    We’ll hold your hand to explore new and innovative ways to develop your brand, business, project or product, and will propose exciting and creative solutions to enhance your new or current operations.

    At Rounded Studio, we love to work with businesses, agencies, studios and individuals alike and take pride developing, delivering and supporting all sectors and industries, private and public, corporations and one-trick-pony’s.

    It’s not rocket science. But it is a science.


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